Mario & Sabrina Claudio Get Steamy With A Remix Of ‘Like Her Too’

Photo Credit: Shaun Llewellyn

Mario had a sensual banger on his hands when he released his steamy single “Like Her Too” back in December of last year. The song, on which he invites his lady to see what he loves about her, was romantic and very sexy with lyrics that were quite seductive and open to several interpretations. Now the crooner is back on the block with a remix of the song, this time inviting songstress Sabrina Claudio on the track to further seduce listeners.

Not much changes to the song’s groove, with producers SprngBrk and BLWYRMIND letting things simmer over wavy synths and slow, steady drums. Mario’s vocals are also quite similar, with him keeping things low and sensual with his delivery.

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The biggest change, of course, is Miss Claudio. She slinks onto the song with subtle harmonies on Mario’s solo chorus that help to lead into her eventual takeover on the song’s second verse.

“You make the wave so easy / What you did inside of me / I’m open to this power / I let you dive so deeply,” she sings in a breathless trance. “Explore every side of me / That you know I couldn’t hide.” She follows this with a slightly altered chorus that explores the song’s topic from a female perspective and lets Mario know she’d do “just about anything for you.”

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This very grown and super sexy jam is just our type of carrying on, with the two performers opting to keep things simple and subdued to ratchet up the song’s sex appeal. We already know this remix is going to sit alongside the original on our playlist of bedroom bangers. Will it do the same for you? Find out when you press play below.

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