Lydia René Makes Her Return With ‘Leaving’

Photo Credit: Lydia Rene/Facebook

It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard from songstress Lydia René on the music tip. She’s been busy flexing many other muscles, though, with her acting career and other hustles paying off big (not to mention her motherhood journey). Still, we were hoping that she would give us new music eventually, and it looks like she heard our call. The singer makes her long-awaited return to us with the beautiful ballad “Leaving.”

The song — written by her and co-produced by her and her husband Brian Vickers — showcases just how talented she is both vocally and lyrically. It begins with soft, introspective piano that’s eventually met with guitar before she launches into the vocal.

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“Took a look at my heart / See how it’s beating / Listen to my chest / Hear how I’m breathing,” she sings. “Tears on my cheeks / Can’t keep from crying / This isn’t real / So why am I trying / To be somewhere that I never belonged?”

Those lyrics alone should stick with anyone who’s found themselves in a situation that feels hopeless. But she goes even further to inspire them to move on, mustering all her passion to definitively belt out on the chorus, “Guess I’ll be leaving.”

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“I wrote this song 8 years ago and it’s just now seeing the light of day,” Lydia René wrote on Instagram. “I wrote it for anyone who is stuck somewhere they don’t want to be, for anyone who needs the courage not only to leave someone behind but leave toxic thoughts and ideas behind as well, and for anyone who has scars that no one can see. This song is for you.”

We’re happy to welcome Lydia René back with open arms. We also hope she’ll stay around a little while and continue to bless us with her dynamic talents. Listen to “Leaving” when you press play below.

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