KIRBY Teams With Rapsody To Craft An Ode To Black Women With ‘Eve Gene’

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It’s not easy to be a Black woman in a world that comes at you from all sides. Despite all that, the Black women in our lives somehow manage to thrive while holding everything together and consistently saving the day. We think that more than warrants an anthem. Luckily, we have performers like KIRBY and Rapsody to give them their just due. The two talents team up for KIRBY’s latest single “Eve Gene.”

The song is set up beautifully at the beginning, with gossamer harmonies and delicate acoustic guitar and rolling drums setting up what’s to come. KIRBY then joins in to question how Black women are treated in their daily lives. She touches on a few things, but her sentiment is distilled completely on the song’s chorus.

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“’Cause oh, Black girl / They owe you apologies / Oh, Black girl / Don’t give ’em your energy,” she sings. “You’re the healer of the world / You’re the healer of society / You’re the healer of the world / You’re the healer of society.”

Rapsody further brings all those home with a lengthy verse in the middle of the song in which she shows what it means to be a Black woman while also taking to task Black men who aid in hurting them. “How you hate someone that look like ya whole mother? / Guess she shoulda used a rubber / But I don’t judge her / Knowing each of us tryna make it / They take it,” she rhymes. “Too beautiful to change our faces (C’mon) / This beauty contagious, no cap / Braided our hair as a map to free them from racists / Innovative, nothing ’bout but this genealogy basic.”

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After lending her vocal talents to the character “Ni’jah” in Amazon Prime’s satirical comedy horror series Swarm and its soundtrack earlier this year, KIRBY is continuing to glow up. With the release of “Eve Gene,” her next era is starting to take magnificent shape. We can’t wait to hear what she has coming next, but first, take a listen to KIRBY and Rapsody uplift all Black women when you press play below.

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