Kameron Corvet Is Blessed With Love On ‘Count You Twice’

Photo Credit: Kameron Corvet/Instagram

We can always count on Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Kameron Corvet to give us a well-written song about matters of the heart. He’s proved this time and time again — with him delivering two stellar examples recently with “You With Me” and “Who Hurt Who.” He’s back at it again with the romantic sentiment of his latest single “Count You Twice.”

The song is mainly composed of strummed acoustic guitar with embellishments from piano and occasionally strings. The simple structure is all that’s needed to convey the song’s realistic take on a love that continues to grow with each moment.

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Kameron sings of all the beautiful and difficult parts of love, from not knowing what you’ve really got to the healing power it grants. All in all, the song expresses how grateful he is for the blessings that love has bestowed upon him. “Love is what is given / You make life paradise / When I count my blessings / I always count you twice,” he sings sweetly on the simple chorus. It’s a sentiment that many in love can relate to and that immediately pulls at the heartstrings.

Don’t be surprised if you hear “Count You Twice” at a wedding or three this year. We’re definitely suggesting it to all the couples we know who are making that walk down the aisle. Take a listen to the latest from Kameron Corvet when you press play below.

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