Jungle Keeps Their Momentum Going With ‘Dominoes’

Photo Credit: Jungle/Instagram

Jungle had us under their spell when they announced their upcoming album Volcano with the funky lead single “Candle Flame” this past March. The duo also teased what was to come at the end of the song’s video with an unnamed mellow groove that seemed destined to be the next single. Now they deliver on that promise with their new cut “Dominoes.”

Like most of Jungle’s tracks, “Dominoes” combines a modern musical sensibility with a classic sound. This time around, the group channels classic soul rich harmonies that have been sped up and chopped. They then layer them over slick snatches of guitar while adding in other found sounds and a bit of distortion to craft something altogether unique and quite catchy.

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They, of course, have released the single alongside a heavily choreographed music video that continues the story being told in “Candle Flame.” We see the same group of dancers, who have changed out of their coordinated black outfits into something more comfortable and colorful. This time around, one dancer is the carrier of the groove, walking onto the set to bring his infectious sense of dance to everyone around. He manages to get everyone into his dance while working through their own issues with one another.

The dancers eventually end up literally dancing circles around one another as new connections are formed. That’s not the end of the clip, though, as we are then given a little taste of “I’ve Been In Love” — which we assume will end up being the next single and video in the series.

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So far, Volcano is two for two when it comes to jams. Will Jungle be able to keep that hot streak as they continue to roll out the album? That remains to be seen, but you can stream “Dominoes” and watch its video right here.

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