Camper Is Willing To Do ‘Whatever You Say’

Photo Credit: Yams/@gotshotbyher

You know who your favorite artist’s favorite producer most likely is? DJ Camper. The producer is behind the hits of countless stars, including Brandy, Ari Lennox, Big Sean, Daniel Caesar and many, many more. When he’s not making hits behind the boards, he’s in front of the mic making music under the name Camper. For his birthday this year, he’s giving us the gift of music with “Whatever You Say.”

“Whatever You Say” is a slow jam made for late nights. Specifically, it’s all about seduction. Camper accomplishes this by laying down warm synth piano chords atop a squelchy synth bass line as he states his premise off the bat.

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“Soon as we get home / Girl, take that Fenty off / I’ve been waiting for you / I can’t wait no more,” he croons at the top of the track. “This song ain’t ’bout singin’ / It’s ’bout feelin’ you / If I give it, then receive it, baby.”

From there, he lays out his plans by starting with the playlist for the night and making his way to the key moment of the night — the two of them between the sheets. Though he’s initially demanding, he softens his approach as the song progresses, with him adding in layers of harmony as he sings on the chorus, “Whatever you say, I agree / Let me be the air that you breathe.” Eventually, strings creep into the song’s arrangement, tying things up in a romantic bow and making this one a perfect addition to our playlist of bedroom bangers.

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We love it when we get gifts and it’s not even our birthday, and this one might be the best one we’ve received in a while. Let Camper serenade you with “Whatever You Say” when you press play below.

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