‘Tonight’ Is The Night For Tamika Scott & Method Man

Photo Credit: Bravo | Anthony Artis

Xscape member Tamika Scott leaves the drama of Bravo’s hit reality show SWV & Xscape: The Queens Of R&B behind – for now, at least – to release a new solo single. Well, she’s not completely solo on her song “Tonight,” not to be confused with Xscape’s 1993 single of the same name. Tamika links with Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man who gives her an assist with a hot 16 on the song that originally surfaced in 2019 and was then entitled “Tonite.”

Shaolin’s finest actually kicks the reworked “Tonight” off with his bars. “All I need is one night, one flight for that forbidden fruit, just one bite / Got Twitter fingers only for one type / I’m unlike these f-boys, but this one mic get one like / Pardon my Mobb Deep, she done right,” Meth spits clever lyrics, talking his smooth ish and namechecking fellow rap legends Mobb Deep and Slick Rick during his verse. He ends his rap with a slick nod to Xscape. “Traces of lipstick, we can escape and just kick it,” he says, his sexy swagger in full effect.

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Meth sets the table for Tamika to come through and eat. She is in the mood to leave her cares up on the shelf for the night, go out with her girls and enjoy herself by any means necessary. “Tonight, tonight is the night, the night / Can’t no drama come my way / Tonight, I’m gonna celebrate,” Scott sings on the hook. “Tonight, tonight is the night, the night / Tonight I’m letting go, it’s my life I’m in control.” She may be singing about going out and getting it in, but after the messy turn that Tamika’s relationship with her sister and Xscape member LaTocha Scott took on The Queens Of R&B, some of these lyrics hit different.

If the music sounds familiar, that’s thanks to Tamika sampling Nas’ “One Mic” and interpolating the refrain and later interpolating the melody of “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins with her own lyrics on the bridge.

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This reworked “Tonight” is a great look for Tamika Scott as she carves out a solo career apart from Xscape as the other group members have. While Tamika continues to perform with Tiny and Kandi Burruss as Xscape, we’ll wait to see if there’ll be a season two of SWV & Xscape: The Queens Of R&B and if the Scott sisters make amends.

Until we see what the future brings for both Tamika and the group, get into her new groove “Tonight” or any time of day below. Stay tuned for the music video featuring Method Man and his grown-man eye candy on the way.

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