SZA & Doja Cat Flex Their Deadly Chemistry Once Again With A Remix Of ‘Kill Bill’

Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

SZA and Doja Cat go together like peaches and cream, and they’ve got the GRAMMY Award for their collaboration “Kiss Me More” to prove it. It seems that a Doja verse was supposed to appear on SZA’s SOS (with a rumored possible spot being on her single “Shirt”). Though that didn’t end up happening, Doja comes through in the clutch with an appearance on an unexpected remix of SZA’s current hit "Kill Bill."

The song, which is about SZA’s homicidal ideations when it comes to her ex, already had a good narrative structure. Doja Cat adds even more to it with an opening rap that paints the perfect picture of a jilted ex driven to the edge by love.

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“I’m in a funk, so I bought a bouquet of roses / And cut ’em up at your doorstep, your new neighborhood is gorgeous / I paid a lotta money for the fragrances you wore when we were dating / And I sold some lemonade just to afford them,” she raps. “I know it’s not a really good occasion to be bargin’ in / I couldn’t help but watch you kiss her by the kitchen sink / I swung the door open, tippy-toed farther in / I wasn’t cryin’, I was starin’ and forgot to blink.” From there, Doja’s verse only gets darker as things escalate and do eventually end in murder — though maybe not of her intended target.

The rest of the song continues as normal, with SZA delivering the chorus, her second verse and the bridge as she contemplates what exactly to do with a problem like her ex.

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While we weren’t expecting a remix of “Kill Bill” to bring about this SZA and Doja Cat reunion, we’re glad the ladies got together once again. And here’s hoping that maybe they perform this new version at some point during the extended SOS Tour this fall. Get into the remix when you press play and then check out the remix’s two visualizers, each depicting either SZA or Doja done up in 16-bit tribute to Kill Bill’s “House Of Blue Leaves” scene.

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