Snoh Aalegra Turns ‘DO 4 LOVE' Into A Downtempo Masterpiece With Help From Black Coffee

Photo Credit: Snoh Aalegra/Instagram

Snoh Aalegra hasn’t put out any new material in nearly two years, but the talented singer has still managed to keep herself in the conversation with the occasional performance or appearance. One other thing that has endured is “DO 4 LOVE,” her one-off cover of the late Bobby Caldwell’s “What You Won’t Do For Love” for Spotify Singles. Her cover complimented her dreamy style of R&B and now it’s gotten even more of a boost with a remix from the one and only Black Coffee.

The South African DJ and producer brings the ballad into downtempo territory. It starts with the rhythmic playing of bongos and hi-hats that lead us into the cut. Keys herald the arrival of Snoh’s smoky vocal not too long after as the sound bed goes a bit quieter. The rest of the song plays with this effect, going from quiet and restrained to just a little louder (though never overpowering) as the song reaches the chorus.

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The song continues bubbling under in a sweet, slightly seductive way that makes the remix feel more like a lovelorn torch song at times. That’s especially true of the end, which relies solely on a jazzy electric piano solo to play things out.

We weren’t expecting a remix to this nearly two-year-old track, let alone one from Black Coffee himself. We’re very pleasantly surprised to hear it, though, and hope that it means more is coming from Snoh Aalegra in the near future. Listen to “DO 4 LOVE (Black Coffee Remix)” when you press play below.

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