Q Wants You To Know You’re ‘NOT ALONE’

Photo Credit: Q/Spotify

When we last checked in with Q, he was giving us our '80s fantasy life with his single "LUV (I KNOW I WANT THIS FOR REAL)." His faithfulness to the sound of the era automatically had us hooked and his talent has kept us wanting more. It looks like there will be plenty more, as the singer/songwriter recently announced that his new album, Soul,PRESENT, is on the way. Alongside the announcement, he also dropped another listen to what he's cooking up with his new single "NOT ALONE."

He once again delves into the synthesizer-heavy sound of the '80s, with zaps of horns, keys and other elements bobbing along a warm, thick sea of synth bass. It's the perfect foundation to buoy his slick falsetto, which he applies with care for the verse and chorus.

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He sings to someone (possibly himself) feeling the weight of the world and their own loneliness on their shoulders, reminding them that no one in this world has to face their struggles by themselves. "I see you have fear in the back of your mind tonight / You think that no one cares, so aware of your thoughts tonight," Q sings with sincerity. He reinforces the song's message on the chorus, singing, "You don't have to (You don't have to) / Be alone this." The track has a bright and uplifting feel to it, making it the perfect song to put on if you ever feel overwhelmed by your struggles.

"NOT ALONE" is just one of the tracks, along with previous singles "LUV (I KNOW I WANT THIS FOR REAL)," "STEREO DRIVER" and "TODAY," that will be featured on Soul,PRESENT when the album drops on May 5th. Listen to the track and watch its official visualizer/lyric video when you head below.

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