Pink Sweat$ Cherishes All The ‘Moments’

Photo Credit: Pink Sweat$/Instagram

Singer Pink Sweat$ has proven time and time again that he knows his way around a love song. Past releases like “Heaven” and “Nothing Feels Better”  showcase his knack for being able to capture the heart-fluttering feeling of being in love. However, he has also proven himself as equally adept at capturing the times when the going gets tough, just as he does in his latest single “Moments.”

The acoustic guitar-driven song opens with the singer admitting that though tempers may flare in the relationship, they can’t stay apart. “Maybe I’m just too crazy for you / Maybe crazy’s what you’re drawn to / We throw s**t, we say things that we don’t mean / Actin’ like neither of us bleeds,” he sings achingly in the first verse.

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Both poignant and vulnerable, Pink Sweat$ acknowledges that their responses are far from perfect. However, he remains fully committed to seeing things through and has no plans of going anywhere. “Baby, all I ask is you just / Keep me there in your pocket / The one right next to your heart / Lock it up with a locket / I promise girl we won’t stop,” he continues in the song’s chorus.

In the days leading up to the song’s release, the Philly native teased his Instagram followers with clips of him singing the song in various settings, such as while lounging about on the floor with a giant teddy bear or luxuriating aboard a boat with a beautiful sunset in the background. Though he has yet to announce a follow-up to last year’s Pink Moon, it seems that the newlywed has something up his sleeve based on the fact that he wiped his Instagram virtually clean, with most posts referencing “Moments.”

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Whether that was a hint that more new music is on the way or to symbolize a new beginning of some sort, we fans will gladly take in his latest ode to the crazy rollercoaster called love. Listen to Pink Sweat$’s “Moments” right here and add the song to your playlists from your choice of digital music services.

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