Musiq Soulchild & Hit-Boy Bring Law And Disorder To ‘victims and villains’

Photo Credit: Musiq Soulchild/YouTube

Musiq Soulchild and Hit-Boy are the artist and producer duo that we never knew we needed, and they’ve hit the jackpot with their collaborative album Victims & Villains. Released in early March, the hip-hop soul-heavy project hasn’t left heavy rotation since it dropped. It’s hard to pick a favorite song from the collection, but the album’s title cut is a strong contender. Now “victims and villains” has gotten a visual that brings the drama – courtroom drama, that is.

Director Caleb Seales, who was behind the camera for “beat of a slow dance” and “i remember you my ex,” follows the couple in the latter clip from moving out and going their separate ways straight to divorce court. We’re taken to Soulstar Court where the two parties are on opposite sides of the courtroom. While their lawyers present their cases, the camera cuts back and forth to Musiq singing “victims and villains” from a padded cell.

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Soulchild isn’t the only one who’s gone half-crazy. When the scene returns to the courtroom, the husband is triggered by a vision of his soon-to-be ex-wife seated next to her lawyer. She magically transforms into a City Girl right before his eyes, but he’s apparently the only one who can see that her attitude and attire have changed. The switch-up sends him over the edge, and he wilds out before being dragged out by a police guard as the judge tries to restore order in the court.

Hit-Boy is absent from the clip for “victims and villains,” but his stamp is all over the track, so his presence is definitely felt. This is the third visual from Victims & Villains, and we’re hopeful that more videos are on the way because this album deserves it. We’ve got our fingers crossed, but for right now watch Musiq Soulchild and a colorful cast of characters in “victims and villains” below.

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