Miguel Is Back With ‘Give It To Me’

Photo Credit: Bradley Calder

Miguel had a surprising return to the charts at the beginning of 2023. It wasn’t for a new single, though. It was because his song “Sure Thing” had a sudden resurgence on social media, with the youth bombarding TikTok with clips of the 2010 track. The singer-songwriter is taking advantage of his suddenly raised profile by dropping off his first new single in two years “Give It To Me.”

“Give It To Me” deals in the genre-bending that Miguel has participated in throughout his career, but stuffs it all into one song. There’s the menacing hip-hop thump that it starts with, which soon blends into the R&B smoothness of the verse. That is soon cut through with buzzsaw-like electric guitar before melting down into smoothness once again for the chorus.

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Tying all these disparate things together is a libidinous Miguel, who is on the prowl and peppers the song with pretty obvious come-ons. That includes the simple-yet-effective chorus, on which he sings, "Yeah, I like what you got, / Yeah, I like what you got / Yeah, I like what you got / Would you give it to me?’

With this being his first new music in a while, it’s likely to cause some speculation about what’s coming down the pike from the star. Miguel is, of course, stoking this with a cryptic post on Instagram featuring a snippet of the track, which he simply captioned “...SUMMER LOADING - M.” Could this mean that we’re getting something major from him this summer? Only time will tell. But you can muse about what’s to come when you listen to “Give It To Me” and view its visualizer below.

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