KYLE & Tinashe Want To Know ‘Who’s Taking You Home’

Photo Credit: KYLE/Twittter | Mateus Aguiar

When we last checked in with rapper/singer KYLE, he had once again delivered a bop with his single “Movin’.” The cut was the perfect way to dance away the breakup blues. Now he’s back, and he’s linking up with indie pop/R&B darling Tinashe for his latest single “Who’s Taking You Home.”

On the track, KYLE seems to be trying to work out his latest situationship and what exactly is going on. This leads him to the club of all places as he hits her with some questions that need to be answered.

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“Oh, girl, oh, damn / You’re back in this **** again / Chillin’ with some guy who ain’t gon’ hear / Talkin’ shhh ’bout your same old friends,” he rhymes over a UK garage-style beat. “OK, ask yourself, doesn’t that ever get old? / Like, doesn’t all that tea get old? / You’re way too fine for that / Who’s finna take you home? / ’Cause you’re not gonna leave with him.”

Tinashe joins in for the chorus, asking the pertinent question, “Who’s gon’ take you home?” Though their time together on the track is only limited to the chorus, the chemistry between the pair is palpable. Hopefully, that means that these two cool kids will be making more collaborations in the near future.

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Give “Who’s Taking You Home” a spin right here and stay around to watch the dance floor-ready track’s lyric video below.

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