KAYTRAMINÉ Are Beside Themselves In ‘4EVA’

Photo Credit: Aminé/YouTube

We’re still getting over the surprise announcement of Kaytranada and Aminé joining forces as KAYTRAMINÉ and the absolute heat that is their Pharrell Williams-assisted debut single “4EVA.” The cut has been playing nonstop around SBHQ, and it’s already shaping up to be a Song of the Summer contender. Now the duo continues to surprise us with the release of the video for “4EVA” and give us a taste of what’s to come from their upcoming debut.

The video introduces us to KAYTRAMINÉ as we watch their digital doppelgangers stroll onto an aqua-colored set. The real twosome soon comes into focus as their logo falls on their animated counterparts. From there, Aminé steals the show as he dips into his verse while Kaytra plays the role of hype man supplying ad-libs and cutting up in the background.

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Wine is involved in the clip, though there’s no specific reason given as to why that’s the theme. However, it doesn’t really matter when the two are then joined once again by their larger-than-life digital twins to dance out to the song’s close before things switch to black and white as Kaytra sits cross-legged atop a speaker. This turns out to be a preview of an as-yet-unnamed new track that flips a sample of Trina Broussard’s cover of Minnie Riperton’s “Inside My Love” from the timeless Love Jones soundtrack. We don’t know much about the cut, but we do know that it is absolute flames!

The super duo’s self-titled debut set will arrive sometime next month, and it’s already been bumped up the list of our most-anticipated releases of 2023. Check out KAYTRAMINÉ times two when you peep the video for “4EVA” right here.

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