Kali Uchis Gets All Dolled Up In ‘Moonlight’

Photo Credit: Kali Uchis/YouTube

Songstress Kali Uchis was in her bag when she created her latest effort Red Moon In Venus. The 15-track set, which dropped on March 3rd, has a little something for everyone to enjoy. While we all have our faves, we’d be lying if said we weren’t still entranced by the set’s second single “Moonlight.” The song now has a visual to match its sultry vibe.

The clip starts by taking us inside Kali’s dollhouse. There, she and her dollies get together as they get ready for a night out. Kali sits front and center as she serves up sexy looks with her girls before they ride out in a droptop convertible to wherever the night might take them.

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That destination seems to be an empty lot where they take in some drag racing while vamping in the glow of the moon. It makes for some beautiful shots, including a couple that seem directly inspired by Aaliyah’s “One In A Million” as Kali stares up at the camera while lying on the hood of the car. Her gaze transfixes us as we are then transported into her mind’s eye, where she gets even steamier as she rolls around in shallow water while a gigantic moon looms behind her.

The clip ends with the singer’s stunningly beautiful face staring at us from the window of her dollhouse, mixing her sense of quirk, sex appeal and glamour for a visual that’s altogether different from the crowd. In other words, she gives us exactly what we’d expect from a Kali Uchis production.

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Get transfixed yourself when you watch Kali get dolly in “Moonlight” below.

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