Jade Novah Spreads Her Wings With ‘Butterfly’

Photo Credit: Tim Caver

Our girl Jade Novah is back on our TV screens as a vocalist in the band on hit TV show That’s My Jam, and we’re enjoying tuning in just see her shine. The singer-songwriter hasn’t forgotten about her day job, though. In that arena, she’s brought out her first new music since the release of last year’s Moon In Pisces with her new single “Butterfly.”

Butterflies often refer to a dramatic change, and “Butterfly” holds true to that tradition. Rather than physical change, however, Jade is singing of the changes she’s undergone since leaving a relationship on the ballad. The lyrics find her confronting the toxic lover and telling him about himself and the glow she has now that he’s out of her life.

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“’Cause you made me / So unsure / Insecure / Dim my light / But now I’m / So alive / Touch the sky / Butterfly,” she sings on the chorus. “I can feel the difference / Makes no sense / What I’ve done / I’ve become / So alive / Touch the sky / Butterfly, fly.”

Musically, Jade keeps the mood feeling light and airy like a butterfly in flight. This is achieved with keys and light touches of guitar mingled with her layered backing vocals that float along with her own lead vocal, crafting this into a sound that harkens back to the days of thoughtful soul jams made to groove to.

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We’ll always be ten toes down for Jade Novah, and she makes supporting her so easy when she releases well-crafted joints like this. Get ready to fly along with her when you give “Butterfly” a spin below.

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