Grace Weber Gets So ‘Lonely’

Photo Credit: Grace Weber/YouTube

These days, it doesn’t take long to stumble upon reminders to tend to your own self-care. Whether substantiated by health benefits or rooted in the spiritual realm, everyone from social media influencers to friends and family are constantly touting the importance of taking care of yourself first. GRAMMY Award-winning singer-songwriter-producer Grace Weber offers her take on the topic with a bit of a twist on her latest single “Lonely.”

The song finds Grace singing of passion and romance but slowly and slyly revealing that she intends to shower herself with affection. In a world where we are all made to feel incomplete if we aren’t coupled with another, this tune serves as an anthem for those who scoff at this sentiment. Over the slinky Akeel Henry-produced track she sings, “I do not wait on nobody / So I can’t wait on your body / ’Cause I don’t wait on nobody / Give me the pen I will write it / ’Cause I know just how I like it.”

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Shortly after releasing the timely single, Weber dropped with a spicy visual to go along with it. The Dak-directed video showcases the seductress in various moods adorned in a range of blue hues. She oscillates between sexy playmate and boss beauty, further driving home the point of defining oneself on your own terms. Proving that she alone is enough, viewers worldwide will feel inspired to strut their own stuff and bask in the glow of their own confidence.

Grace opened up about the song on Instagram. “‘lonely’ is about giving yourself love. i think sometimes there can be fear or timidness around loving yourself – or you feel like you don’t deserve it – and i just wanted to write a song that went completely against that and made it fun to be sexy, confident, and independent,” she captioned a photo from the video shoot. “all the songs on my new project are love songs, different angles on love, and lonely is my self-love song. also, i needed to bring some 90’s into my life. go blast this one and celebrate how beautiful and sexy you are.” Say less, Grace!

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There’s no word on a release date for Grace Weber’s forthcoming album, but it’s definitely on our radar. Those tardy to Grace’s party can catch up with her 2021 debut A Beautiful Space and its deluxe edition, which featured Chance the Rapper, Westside Boogie and trumpeter Nico Segal. Stream Grace Weber’s “Lonely” audio and video below, and add the track to your collection from your favorite digital music platform.

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