Emotional Oranges & Tkay Maidza Have Boasts For Days On ‘Be Somebody’

Photo Credit: Emotional Oranges/Instagram

Emotional Oranges proved that their juice was well worth the squeeze when they dropped their album The Juice Vol. III back in December after singles like “Make Me Wanna,” “Bounce,” “Let Me Go” and "On My Way." Since then, the duo has been hitting city after city and thrilling crowds on their just-wrapped Pulp Fiction Tour. But if you thought those would be the last sips you got from the pair for a while, you were sorely mistaken. A+V return and bring rapper Tkay Maidza in tow for their latest single “Be Somebody.”

“Be Somebody” is a jam that allows Tkay and V to talk their ish while A drops a bass-laden beat that rubs and hums alongside the ladies. The chorus keeps things simple, with the crew chanting, “Oh, you really wanna be somebody / You really wanna be / Oh, you really wanna be somebody / Now go and drop the beat.”

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When the beat drops is when the true magic happens here, as both ladies come with all the braggadocio they can muster to let you know why they’re that chick. Tkay mentions the men trying to get with her whom she has no intentions of giving any play. Instead, she’d rather focus on her paper, rhyming, “I could leave you on read, can’t you see that it’s snatch / Leave me to be, no keeping the pact / ’Cause I’m married to the money / Lil’ rat."

V, meanwhile, is focused on the effect she has on those that adore her. “Yeah, I’m the topic that you know you wanna tag / You see it from the front, it’s even better from the back,” she rhymes on the second verse. “Last time I checked I’m the bag / Last guy I left want it bad.“

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“Be Somebody” is yet another juicy jam from Emotional Oranges and a nice precursor to what’s sure to be a great summer for the crew. Listen to the duo link with Tkay Maidza right here and then check out the song’s lyric video below.

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