Dawn Richard Keeps It Poppin’ With ‘Bubblegum’

Photo Credit: Dawn Richard/YouTube

Another year, another new project from the prolific Dawn Richard. The genre-shattering singer-songwriter is one of the most prolific artists we’ve encountered in recent years. Coming off last year’s release of Pigments, her quiet, introspective collaboration with Spencer Zahn, Dawn is ready to turn up once again. She’s eying a sequel of sorts to 2021’s Second Line, and she shows us the type of time and energy she’s on with the release of her latest single “Bubblegum.”

“Bubblegum” finds Dawn back in the soundscape of Second Line, with her incorporating electronic elements into her blend of dance, R&B and hip-hop. This time around, though, she’s talking her ish over a twerk-ready beat. The electric buzz and hum of the music is accompanied by hand claps and a cacophony of percussion as Dawn tells us of her extensive prowess.

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“I got that ooh wee / That leave you done / Body so bomb it got ya deaf dumb,” she brags on the chorus. “Like Beyoncé, my body bootylicious / I’mma pop that thing like it’s bubblegum.”

She matches that energy on the video, which finds her stepping into the director’s chair for the first time. It also finds her hitting some serious choreography, with Richard and her dancers getting in formation as they shake, twerk, dip and pop with an unrivaled fierceness. The action in the clip doesn’t stop, leaving little time for Dawn and her dancers or us as the viewers to catch our breath.

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“The preface to the second installment of the Electro Revival series, ‘Bubblegum’ is a cocky candy-coated conundrum. Full of sass that only a New Orleans King can have, this yummy multi-genre single is just a taste of what’s to come next,” Dawn said in a press statement.

Prepare yourself for what Dawn Richard has up her sleeve next and get ready to pop that thing when you listen to “Bubblegum” and watch its music video below.

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