Coco Jones Continues To Impress On ‘ELLE’ Magazine’s ‘Song Association’

Photo Credit: ELLE/YouTube

Coco Jones’ star has ascended over the past year, and it’s been a joy to watch her rise and shine. Whether she’s starring on Bel-Air, promoting her thriving music career or performing on the TV talk show circuit or live in person, she is doing the thing. As a part of her recent promo activities, the triple threat stopped by ELLE magazine’s offices to play a lively game of “Song Association.”

Fueled by a croissant and expresso, Coco was confident that she’d do well but kept it humble and called on Jesus Christ himself to guide her. With Jesus on the main line and after a quick vocal warmup, Miss Jones came out swinging and singing. She made light work of the words “love,” “tell” and “forever” and broke ELLE off with songs by Keyshia Cole, Rufus & Chaka and Chris Brown.

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When given the word “breathe,” she naturally sang her own single “ICU,” which she recently performed on both The Jennifer Hudson Show and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. She gave some insight into her writing process and creating her first major release What I Didn’t Tell You before jumping right back into the game.

The word “soul” prompted her to sing “Lady Marmalade,” which ELLE credited to Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya and Pink, but real ones know that the group LaBelle was the originator. Coco got to sing something else from her catalog when given the song “dream.” Then her expresso really kicked in, and she gave comical performances of Destiny’s Child and Bonnie Raitt songs for the words “handle” and “make.”

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Halfway through, Coco got tripped up by the word “above” but didn’t let that miss throw her too much off of her game. She pulled more tracks by Miguel, Cassie, John Legend, Lola Brooke and Kanye West out of her memory bank and circled back to Bonnie Raitt for her grand finale, sharing a song that she remembered her mother would always make her sing at auditions growing up.

Ending up with 14 out of 15 was just shy of a perfect score on “Song Association.” Although songs with the word “above” will haunt her for the rest of her days, Coco Jones did the thing once again. Press play below to watch her killing the game below.

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