CAMP Gives Us A ‘TASTE’ Of Premium R&B

Photo Credit: CAMP/Instagram

CAMP has been content with teasing us with a steady drip of singles released slowly over the last six months. It started with the October release of his song “Lucid” and continued from there with subsequent singles “CNTRL” and “CHAMPAGNE FOREVER.” It’s looking like he has even more in store for us soon, but he’s only giving us a little more at the moment with his appropriately named latest single “TASTE.”

“TASTE” is a seductive soul jam that wafts from the speakers like the smoke from incense. That’s thanks in part to sultry production from Teeko, who crafts a groove that combines ticking drums, lilting guitar, strings and a few other elements into a heady, romantic sound. CAMP furthers this feel as he dips back and forth between falsetto highs and distorted lows while he unleashes his powers of seduction.

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“Taste / I swear I love her taste / El Dorado with the cover taste / Can I get a / A little bit wasted from your taste?” he sings on the chorus. “I swear I love her taste / Champagne and some lace / I tend to get a / Little bit wasted.” Elsewhere, he sings of what he’ll do for his lady in order to let her know how much he cherishes her. It’s enough to make any woman weak in the knees.

CAMP knows what we like. Hopefully that means he knows we want him to keep the hits coming as the year progresses (and maybe he’ll even hit us off with a new project). Until then, you can get a “TASTE” of what’s to come when you press play.

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