Avery*Sunshine & DrewTheRew Remind Us To Trust The Process On ‘W8’

Photo Credit: Avery*Sunshine/Facebook

Some families get all the talent. That’s especially true of singer-songwriters Avery*Sunshine and DrewTheRew. The mother and daughter are gifted musicians and vocalists on their own but make pure magic when they come together. Look no further than the joint single from the two entitled “W8” for proof of that.

“W8” is a smooth cut built on mellow guitar, subtle drums and beautifully layered background vocals supplied by DrewTheRew herself. It serves as the perfect vehicle for the song’s earnest message. The song focuses on laying your burdens down and trusting the process of healing and learning. It also encourages listeners to take the time to appreciate life.

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“Slow down / Whatever it is can wait / Slow down / You’re carrying too much weight,” they sing on the chorus.

Sharing how excited she was about collaborating with her daughter on social media, Avery gave some insight into the song’s meaning. “It’s a play on the words Wait and Weight, reminding us to slow down, breathe, and trust the process,” she wrote on Facebook. “Drew co-wrote and co-produced the song with me and Dana [“Big Dane” Johnson], and I’m so proud of her. ‘W8’ is a message of patience and perseverance that we all need right now.”

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“W8” is the latest single from Avery’s upcoming album, which is scheduled to arrive sometime later this year. While we wait for what more she has in store, listen to Avery*Sunshine and DrewTheRew sing the virtues of slowing things down when you listen below.

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