Avery*Sunshine & DrewTheRew Spend Some Quality Time Together In ‘W8’

Photo Credit: Avery*Sunshine/YouTube

The immensely talented mother-daughter duo of Avery*Sunshine and DrewTheRew had us caught in a groove and listening to their wisdom when they released their single “W8” earlier this month. The song, which will be featured on Avery's upcoming album, showed that the twosome shared an undeniable musical chemistry. Now we get to see that chemistry in action in the song’s just-released music video.

The ladies keep things simple in the clip. It focuses on the two of them as they spend some time together for a day. That includes them sipping from mugs in a coffee shop as they sing the song’s sage lyrics. But perhaps the most mesmerizing portion of the visual is when we’re shown a series of pictures of the two. The snaps not only highlight their beauty but also showcase their familial bond and just how strong the love they have for each other is.

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The other great part about the simplicity of the video is that it looks at the small moments between the two of them. This reflects the message of the song, as it asks us to stop and reflect as we make our way through our own lives.

We’re feeling the love all the way through the screen, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Stop, look and listen to a day in the life of Avery*Sunshine and DrewTheRew when you peep the video for “W8” below.

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