AMAKA Is ‘Cruisin’’ Into Her Solo Debut

Photo Credit: Obidigbo Nzeribe

By now, everyone has heard about the dissolution of beloved R&B sister duo VanJess. We were just as heartbroken as the next R&B lover when the news broke. However, there is a silver lining. Jessica Nwokike, one-half of the duo, is going solo and she’s doing so under the moniker AMAKA. We don’t have to wait long to hear what she’s bringing, either, as she’s already linked with Kaytranada to give us the heat that is her debut solo single “Cruisin’.”

Kaytranada’s production expertise on anything is a surefire way to guarantee a banger, but this one is something special. AMAKA worked with the producer/DJ before as part of VanJess, so the two already have solid chemistry. It shows as he laces her with a summer-ready groove that sounds just as hot and steamy as the warm days we’re looking forward to in the coming months.

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AMAKA compounds that energy with her breathy vocals that sound as smooth as satin sheets. She also offers charged lyrics that can be interpreted as both a statement about her new solo stardom and the thrills she can give us if we allow her. “Embrace this fantasy / You can help but look my way again / We go freely / And I’m doing my thing baby,” she sings on the refrain. “Grab me closer every turn, baby / There’s rhythm and we own it / Own it.”

We sure don’t mind “Cruisin’” with AMAKA as she stakes her claim as a solo act. With her new look and incredible talent, she’s sure to make more than a few heads turn and then nod to her groove. Add to that the fact that she’s already let it be known that she has more work with Kaytranada in the bag, and you’ve got us ready to give her all our time and attention.

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Get reacquainted with AMAKA for yourself when you check out “Cruisin’” right here.

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