Usher Sings About That Sweet Sticky Thing On ‘GLU’

Photo Credit: Usher/Instagram

Usher seems to be having a renaissance these days. While he’s earned enough goodwill over the years thanks to his platinum-selling singles and diamond-selling albums, these days it’s his blockbuster Las Vegas residency that’s got his name on everyone’s lips. He’d be a fool not to capitalize on this moment, and we all know that ain’t him. He comes back strong and sexy in his quest to “wake up R&B” with his latest, the erotic “GLU.”

Produced by Sean Garrett, Lil Jon and The Avila Brothers, Usher goes full-on loverman for “GLU.” Leaning on a vibe that seems to be inspired by Prince’s “International Lover,” the singer gets all kinds of nasty as he describes a rather heated session between him and his woman. He lets us into this freaky little meeting in his bedroom with explicit lyrics aimed to either titillate or make you blush.

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We can’t print most of the lyrics here (this is mostly a family publication), but they don’t leave much to the imagination. The first verse alone alludes to how good of a kisser his lady is (though we aren’t actually talking about kissing, if you know what we mean) and gets much more descriptive from there as they get physical. Luckily, the chorus is just a bit tamer.

“I just love that glue, ooh / That slides down you whenever we start touchin’,” he sings. “It gets all on you, all on me from f**king / That’s when that glue done got you.” And, no, he isn’t singing about Elmer’s – he’s stuck on that sweet sticky thing.

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We’re always here for Usher expressing his freakier side and he does that plenty on “GLU.” Allow him to get you hot and bothered when you stream the track right here and then sing along with the lyric video below. Usher isn’t done having his way with us yet, the Lori Harvey-featuring “GLU” music video is on the way and so is his new album before the year ends.

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