Shawn Stockman Releases New Songs ‘I’ll Be On My Way’ & ‘Love’ With Promise Of More Music Monthly

Photo Credit: Shawn Stockman/Facebook

Shawn Stockman may be a lifetime member of Boyz II Men, but he’s been very prolific on the solo tip as well. After releasing the deluxe edition of his album Foreword last year, he bounces back onto our playlists with two new songs. The first, “I’ll Be On My Way,” was written for the CW network’s hit television show All American. The second entitled “Love,” is a previously unreleased recording from his vault.

“I’ll Be On My Way” premiered during one of All American’s most controversial episodes. A beloved character, Coach Billy Barker played by Taye Diggs, was killed off suddenly, and the song played as an in memoriam to him. Fans are still hot about the episode, but they loved the song so much that Stockman was encouraged to release it as a single. 

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The beautiful acoustic ballad about life and legacy was inspired by Shawn’s father’s passing years ago. He reflected on the lessons his father taught him and the lives his father touched to pen this song about being at peace when a loved one dies.

“There’s roads we all must travel / Though the destination is the same / But the footprints we leave behind’s what make / The journey worth all the pain (now listen),” he sings. “Don’t you cry / Wipe the tears away from your eyes / I’m alright, it’s okay / My work is all done, and now / I’ll be on my way,” he continues on the chorus, assuring that everything’s going to be alright.

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Releasing this single prompted Stockman to look through his discography. What he found was a treasure trove of songs he loved, including his second new single “Love,” which was recorded several years ago but never released until now. 

“Love” is a mid-tempo track with stripped-down instrumentals that allow the listener to focus on the heartfelt lyrics. Shawn doesn’t mince words as he serenades his lady on the musical love letter.

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“And I’m so sincere / ’Cause what I know I have right here is for real / The phonies are the past and it’s a reason they didn’t last,” he croons on the second verse. “No dreams I’ll never sell / Open up your heart / Let me know it well / My loves overflowing / don’t you feel the truth / I can show you better than I can tell you,” Shawn sings like a man all in.

“I’ll Be On My Way” and “Love” are the first new releases from Shawn Stockman for 2023, but they won’t be the last. The singer-songwriter-producer announced on Instagram that he’ll be dropping two new songs a month from his vault for the foreseeable future. We are looking forward to his monthly discography reveal. As we anxiously await his April drop, listen to “I’ll Be On My Way” and “Love” right here.

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