Russell Taylor Has More Tales Of Reckless Love On ‘Blood On The Metal’

Photo Credit: Russell Taylor/Instagram

Russell Taylor has released a trifecta of singles over the past year. Each one has pushed him beyond the sound that we had become accustomed to from him and allowed us to see his artistry in a new light. They’ve also each touched on the dangerous kind of love that isn’t meant to last but is tempting all the same. He’s now back with a fourth single and still finding new ways to approach the subject matter on his latest “Blood On The Metal.”

Just as with the previous singles, Russell taps into a more pop sound that’s heavy on the moody, atmospheric synth. The sound makes everything sound just a tad more intense as he slowly unwinds the tale of heartache. His story of reckless love is one for the books as he tells of a complicated affair that he just can’t seem to shake though he knows he’s inflicting as much emotional turmoil as he’s feeling inside.

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The chorus brings everything into sharp focus as he uses a vehicle metaphor to bring it all home. “Blood on the metal / Foot on the petal,” he sings. “He don’t love ’em, leave ’em all behind / Lights off, going fast / Never stop for signs at all.”

With “Blood On The Metal” joining “Cherry,” “Show Me” and “White Lies,” it almost seems as if our boy Russell Taylor is assembling the parts for what could be an epic concept album. We’ll wait and see if that’s the case or if he’s just giving us quality content in smaller doses these days. We’re quite fine with either prospect as long as he continues bringing us his talents. Listen to “Blood On The Metal” when you press play below.

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