Maeta Keeps Repeating History With An Old Flame In ‘S(EX)’

Photo Credit: Maeta/YouTube

Last month, Maeta stepped back on the scene with her single “S(EX).” The steamy, sultry song is all about backsliding into the arms of an ex-flame who still knows how to push all the right buttons. There are only so many ways a visual for a song like that can go, but leave it to the rising star to find a way that completely flips our expectations.

The “S(EX)” video starts with fleeting moments of Maeta before we see her walking into a club with her entourage. Everyone around her seems to be in the moment. The songstress, however, can’t stop looking at her handsome ex hugged up with another woman. They lock eyes for a moment only to be interrupted by the sound of a glass being knocked over at her table.

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Normally, that might be the end of the story. That’s not the case here, however. The video rewinds, and we see Maeta walking back into the club with the same revealing dress, only this time she’s accompanied by a date. That doesn’t change the trajectory of the night, though, as she once again shares the glance with her ex before everything rewinds yet again.

In the final scene, we see her walk into the club alone with a defiant look in her eyes. She goes through the same motions, making sure to catch the glass before it falls before assuredly moving to make that her moment with her ex is on her own terms.

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Maeta shows us one of the best ways to exude sex appeal without being explicitly sexual, and we must admit that she’s got us more than a little open. Experience a little déjà vu with her when you watch the visual for “S(EX)” below.

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