Madison McFerrin Aims To Make You A Believer In ‘God Herself’

Photo Credit: Madison McFerrin/YouTube

Madison McFerrin is a powerhouse vocalist and producer in her own right. However, she first stepped on to the scene with an a cappella style similar to that of her well-known father Bobby McFerrin. As she prepares for the release of her debut LP I Hope You Can Forgive Me, she revisits those roots with new single “God Herself.”

Madison enlists her friends J. Hoard and Melissa McMillan to help her round out the sound of the song, and they do so with aplomb. The song starts with a taste of what’s to come, offering a stunning harmonic run before simmering down into that rounded oohs and hums that set the song’s musical foundation.

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As the other vocal tracks fill in (the only non-vocal contribution here appears to be the snaps, and we’re not entirely sure about that), Madison gets to the premise of the song on the lead. “I could save you time / Make you wanna come inside / And pray to stay for life,” she sings at one point. “My kind don’t grow on trees / Like the high I’m feeling / You will see me and believe / In God herself.”

The lyrics are thoughtful and deliberate, but the true star of the song is the weaving of the intricate harmonies and sounds. They take a simple-yet-effective premise and elevate it to something that’s ethereal and a joy to hear.

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The singer also applies this to the song’s visual. It opens with her in silhouette against a green backdrop. As she stands in the mouth of what appears to be a cave draped in flowy white fabric, she performs with small movements that somehow mesmerize. The performance is at once seductive and exquisite and definitely enough to make anyone a believer.

This one, coupled with her previous single “(Please Don’t) Leave Me Now,” has us anxious to hear and see what else Madison McFerrin will be bringing when I Hope You Can Forgive Me arrives in May. Get ready to believe when you check out the stream and video for “God Herself” below.

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