Lady Wray Enlists Ghostface Killah To Break Us Off Another ‘Piece’

Photo Credit: Big Crown Records

Lady Wray gave us her all last year when she dropped her album Piece Of Me. The set featured some of the best music we’ve heard from the songstress — including singles “Joy & Pain,” “Under The Sun” and “Thank You.” The song that’s left the most lasting impression, however, has been the title track. She breathes new life into “Piece Of Me” now with a remix featuring none other than Tony Stark himself Ghostface Killah.

Instead of opening with the lovely vocal stylings of Lady Wray, we get a verse from Ghostface as he details a complicated relationship between two people who were once lovers. His verse gives us the highs and lows that come with great love and hurt feelings.

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The verse adds a layer to the song, giving the male perspective of lovers at a crossroads of whether to stay or go. The rest of the song remains pretty much the same, with the throwback soul arrangement and the Wray's powerful pipes wringing every bit of emotion out of the bittersweet lyrics.

Seeing as “Piece Of Me” was already three years old when the album of the same name was released, it’s a smart move to give the song new life while also introducing new ears to what made it a standout in the first place. Listen to what happens when Shaolin’s finest meets Virginia’s brightest on the “Piece Of Me (Remix)” when you press play.

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