KYLE Is Back With Yet Another Bop On ‘Movin’’

Photo Credit: KYLE/YouTube

We don’t know how he does it, but KYLE always seems to have a jam on hand. The last time he came to us was with his bop “I Literally Never Think About You.” The title might’ve sounded harsh, but the track was anything but, with a groove made for two-stepping the breakup blues away. He revisits similar territory with his latest irresistible cut “Movin’.”

“Movin’” once again finds our boy KYLE post breakup ready for whatever’s next. Helping him express his mood is a quick-paced, bouncy beat consisting of looped synth and hand claps with some kinetic hi-hat thrown in for a little razzle dazzle.

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He keeps the chorus lyrically simple, opting to make it an earworm by constantly repeating “I’m moving” with joyful glee. The verses, however, give us some insight into his mindset as he thanks her for inspiring his next banger. “Whenever my heart’s broken, girl, I write the best lines,” he raps. “So thank you in advance when you hear this in Best Buy / Picking out a TV for your new apartment / You’re the type to love to start s**t / I’m the typе to pour my heart in.”

The video for the song also gets to the point. In it, we see KYLE standing among boxes as he performs while packing up to move on out. He’s mostly smiles throughout the clip, though there’s hints that he might be a little more perturbed than he lets on (including drop kicking a box labeled “Her S**t”). That small bit of petty aside, he’s mainly about what’s next as he peeks into a box marked “Kyle’s future” with a smile on his face.

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KYLE’s got us ready to dance once again and we couldn’t be happier. Get “Movin’” when you stream the song right here and watch the video below.

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