Kevin Ross Is On A Comedic Quest For Love In ‘Look My Way’

Photo Credit: Kevin Ross/YouTube

Though we’re still waiting on a release date for his latest EP, Midnight Microdose, fans of Kevin Ross can rest assured that he won’t leave them hanging in the meantime. Since announcing the EP, he dropped “Look My Way” in January and followed it up with the sensual “Show & Prove” last month. Now he returns with a new video for “Look My Way” where he continues to try to figure out a way to catch a certain someone’s attention.

In the Steven Jon-directed clip, Ross tries his best to catch the eye of the woman that he’s been crushing on but keeps getting curved inadvertently. First, he turns up at a coffee shop where he patiently waits in the cut for the right time to approach her, only for an obnoxious guy to roll up and beat him to the punch.

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Next, he tries to position himself along her jogging route where he comically stalls and stretches as he waits for her to jog by. However, an overzealous cop literally stops him in his tracks before she realizes she has cornered the wrong person.

After returning home dejectedly, Kev gets his meet cute when she boards the same elevator as him. Though momentarily speechless, he recovers just in time to shoot his shot — right as she decides to shoot her shot at the same time. We then see the two having a great time as they get to know each other over coffee.

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Even before dropping the video, music fans were already falling hard and fast for the single, landing the song in the Top 20 of Billboard’s Adult R&B Airplay chart and debuting as the No. 3 most added song to radio during its first week.

The video provides the perfect visuals for the mid-tempo song while capturing the butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling that often accompanies a crush. By the clip’s end, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear at the potential for a true connection between the two. Give the video a spin and see if it doesn’t leave you rooting for love to win.

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