K. Michelle Is In Her Feelings Because She Can’t Find Another ‘YOU’

Photo Credit: K. Michelle/YouTube

The last we heard from K. Michelle, she was making room for a new love on her hit single “Scooch.” Well, a year later, that love has apparently lost its shine on her new song “YOU.” The single is the latest listen from her long-awaited sixth album I’m The Problem. The soulfully twangy tale of unrequited love and its accompanying music video is the perfect segue for the artist’s farewell to R&B and foray into country music. 

On “YOU,” K. Michelle has been chasing after an ill-fated love who has moved on. She knows it’s over, and it’s got her messed up. “She wears your name, but I wear your pain / Tryna still feel the same, ain’t nothing changed / Maybe I should call you right now / ’Cause even with an ace man, I just keep thinking about you,” she bemoans, singing to the memory of her old love.

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Despite, trying to drink away her feelings and find a new love, there is just no replacing her true love. “I been running, I been running / To the arms, the arms of nothing / I keep chasing and replacing / Replacing you is hard to do / Since I’m being true / I can’t find another you, you, you,” she sings on the chorus about the one who got away. K. ends the song on a nostalgic note with a lovely interpolation of Minnie Riperton’s “Lovin’ You.”

The visual directed by Sam Green shows K. Michelle in revealing fashions in a variety of scenic locations – both real and CGI. We see her everywhere from the mountains to the desert to bucolic fields of flowers and green pastures where horses run free as she passionately sings about her inability to get over her lost love. 

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If you have ever loved and lost – and who hasn’t? – “YOU” is likely to have you all up in your feelings just like it does K. Michelle. Listen to the track and watch the captivating visual below. Catch the songstress on the remaining dates of her I’m The Problem Tour, and hear her in her country bag with Jason Champagne on their duet “Country Love Song” and keep an eye out for the forthcoming music video. 

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