Jungle Lights Our Fire With ‘Candle Flame’ & Announces New Album ‘Volcano’

Photo Credit: Tanya Chavz

Electronic music duo Jungle has been rocking our blocks for over a decade with their unique, soul-influenced sound. We last got treated to their special brew of music when they released their most recent album Loving In Stereo. It’s only been less than two years, but they’ve already got another album on the way with Volcano set to arrive this August. Ushering in this next era is the project’s lead single “Candle Flame” featuring rapper Erick The Architect.

“Candle Flame” gives us more of what we love from the duo. Utilizing a chopped and sped-up soul sample along with piano, disco-influenced drums and guitar, they create an automatic party starter that’s sure to get everyone moving. Helping in that cause are Erick The Architect’s verses, which match up with the groove as he raps about matching fire to the flame he’s hoping to spark with a lover.

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A Jungle track can’t be released without featuring a video full of dancers and tight choreography, of course. “Candle Flame” is no different, as its clip features dancers gathering around a Last Supper-like table. The black-clad crew moves like animatronic characters at first as they robotically sway to song’s sweet sounds. The beat dropping cues more movement, though, and soon they’re cutting super slick moves all over the set. Other aspects of the video clue us in that this clip is the first of a series that will likely tell a story — with us even getting a slight taste of what’s coming next.

With Volcano set to release on August 11th, we’re sure we will get a couple more singles and visuals before the set’s full release. You can catch the stream of “Candle Flame” and its video below. Stick around after that to get a glimpse of the album’s cover and a full list of its features, which include Roots Manuva, Channel Tres and Bas, among others.

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Photo Credit: JUNGLE/Instagram

Jungle Volcano tracklist:

1. Us Against The World
2. Holding On
3. Candle Flame (featuring Erick the Architect)
4. Dominoe
5. I’ve Been In Love (featuring Channel Tres)
6. Back On 74
7. You Ain’t No Celebrity (featuring Roots Manuva)
8. Coming Back
9. Don’t Play (featuring Mood Talk)
10. Every Night
11. Problemz
12. Good At Breaking Hearts (featuring JNR Williams & 33.3)
13. Palm Trees
14. Pretty Little Thing (featuring Bas)

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