Jidenna Is Back With A Song To Make Us ‘BLUSH’

Photo Credit: Jidenna/Facebook

Jidenna is one of those people who seem to be ubiquitous, with him popping up on screens and the scene frequently. Despite that fact, though, it’s been four years since we last got new music from the rapper/singer on his sophomore set 85 To Africa. We were starting to wonder if the “Classic Man” performer had abandoned music completely, but he assuages our fears with his brand-new track “BLUSH.”

“BLUSH” finds Jidenna once again linking with fellow Wondaland labelmate Roman GianArthur, this time on the production tip. This results in an instrumental that combines the feel of classic soul and modern rap, with horns, guitars and harmonies melding with hard-hitting drums and rattling hi-hats marking the groove.

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Jidenna approaches the song with the aim of showing male vulnerability when it comes to romance. He only offers one verse on the song, but it’s a staggering one that covers his unwillingness to conform to modern sensibilities about being “hard” or “tough” when it comes to love. He shirks the notion completely at one point, rapping, “I mean your boys would call you gay when you crush on a girl / That’s the way we was raised, in a way we was hazed / Keep it cool pimpin’ your feelings must stay in the shade / It is what it is / When I love a woman I ain’t afraid to commit.”

The song’s chorus further cements this sentiment as it highlights how out of touch men can be with their emotions. “N****s don't blush no more / But they wanna f**k you raw,” he sings. “Baby, but for you, I’d cry.”

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“BLUSH” serves as the lead single from an as-yet-untitled third studio album from Jidenna. Like you, we are eager for details but will just have to wait until he’s ready to reveal them. Until then, stream “BLUSH” right here and check out the song’s lyric video below.

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