FLO Links With Missy Elliott To Show Us Where The Party Is On ‘Fly Girl’

Photo Credit: FLO/Instagram

British pop/R&B trio FLO stole our hearts last year with their debut EP The Lead and their infectious harmonies. We assumed that what we got last year was just a taste of what the ladies had in store, and it turns out we were right. The ladies are back and this time they’re bringing our girl Missy Elliott in tow for their new single “Fly Girl.”

“Fly Girl” riffs off a sample of Missy’s 2002 hit “Work It” and finds FLO interpolating it on the chorus, on which they sing, “If you a fly girl / Get your nails done / Get a pedicure / Get your hair did / See you’re tellin’ me I’m pretty, but it’s obvious / I don’t need no man to tell me where the party is.”

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Of course, there’s more to the song than just the sample. They expand upon the track by updating it to 2023 status as the independent women floss and flex while proving that they don’t need a man in order to live the life. Missy even comes into play to add a rap near the track’s end that turns things up even further while giving FLO her shining endorsement.

The song’s video gives a throwback to the early 2000s with the ladies strutting down the street and hitting a house party while dripping ghetto fabulousness like it was 2005. While they’re definitely too young to have witnessed how fly this era was in person, they sell the attitude quite well. Missy, meanwhile, steals the show while revisiting one of her biggest hits and getting supa dupa fly with the hyped-up crowd.

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“Fly Girl” is another feather in FLO’s cap and has us anxious to see and hear what else they have in store for 2023. Listen to them pop fly with Missy when you stream their latest right here and then hop below to watch them cold rock the party in the song’s video.

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