Doechii Lets Us Know What’s Up On ‘What It Is (Block Boy)’

Photo Credit: Samuel Valdivia

The name on everybody’s lips seems to be Doechii. The TDE rapper/singer made a name for herself last year with her singles “Persuasive,” “Crazy” and “Stressed” and has garnered acclaim and accolades in their wake. It’s a new year now and our girl is ready to continue to show up and show out. Kicking off what’s sure to be another banner year, Doechii links with fellow Floridian Kodak Black for her first single of 2023, “What It Is (Block Boy).”

“What It Is (Block Boy)” might sound a bit familiar to you. That’s because it combines elements from TLC’s “No Scrubs” and Trillville’s “Some Cut” to give Doechii her full-on pop/R&B moment. “What it is, h*? / What’s up? / Every good girl needs a little thug / Every block boy needs a little love / If you put it down, I’ma pick it up,” she sings on the energetic chorus.

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The verses, meanwhile, describe her love for the boys on the block. She gushes about their hood credentials and the swag that makes them so irresistible to her sensibilities. Kodak Black steps in to represent the block boy, though his addition isn’t necessarily needed here. The song’s energy takes a slump with his arrival and inability to truly ride the beat. Thankfully, there’s a solo version without him there to drag things down.

He’s also included in the video, however, appearing in several scenes with Doechii as her love interest. The director smartly knows to keep the focus on Doechii, though. She’s giving several looks and scenes to show us why she’s a talent whom we can’t help but watch as she struts, prances and dances across our screens.

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We’re set to get more from Doechii in 2023, though her camp hasn’t specified exactly what that “more” may be. While you await answers, stream the “What It Is (Block Boy)” single EP — which features both the original and Kodak Black-free versions along with sped-up and slowed-down versions of each for you TikTok aficionados — and watch the song’s video below.

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