Citizen Queen Lets Us Know Why They’re ‘So Special’

Photo Credit: Citizen Queen/YouTube

Girl groups are back, y’all! While we’ve been singing the praises of Brits FLO (and rightfully so), we can’t forget about the homegrown talents in our backyard. That brings us to vocal quartet Citizen Queen, which features the talents of members Kaedi Dalley, Cora Isabel, Nina Nelson and Kaylah Sharve. The foursome formed in 2018 and have been wowing crowds with their skill ever since. The ladies have been ramping things up over the course of the past year with singles like “XO,” “Waste My Time” and “Break Up.” They’re back at it with their latest “So Special.”

“So Special” serves as an introduction of sorts to each of the ladies, with them at their boastful best as they effortlessly serve up personality and sass like a new-age Danity Kane. They sing about their skills in pulling men, stacking cash and being all-around baddies with a playfulness that seems to be missing from many of the more self-serious pop/R&B offerings these days.

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The song’s visuals also flashback to a simpler time, with them channeling Y2K fashion with accurately outrageous outfit, makeup and hair choices that will have any millennial feeling a bit nostalgic. The theme of the video seems to be organized chaos, with the camera following each lady around the set before having them pile up together with semi-choreographed moments that feel spontaneous. It’s a throwback that ultimately just works.

Are you still wondering exactly why Citizen Queen is “So Special”? Allow them to show and tell you when you listen to the song’s stream and watch its video below.

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