Chlöe Shares ‘In Pieces’ Album Cover Art, Tracklist, Features & Inspiration

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Chlöe announced her debut solo album In Pieces back in January but kept most details under wraps outside of a vague reference to its March release. With March here and nearing its end, the singer has finally revealed everything inquiring minds need to know about the project.

In Pieces will drop on Friday, March 31st to end the month, and the album will feature a total of 14 tracks. Singles “Pray It Away” and the Chris Brown-featuring, Usher-sampling “How Does It Feel” will, of course, be included. As previously reported, none of the singles that she dropped in 2021 and 2022 made the cut, however, with everything else being fresh and new. (We do have our fingers crossed that those older songs make it onto an In Pieces deluxe edition should one be released, though.)

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Amongst the 14 tracks are some intriguing titles, such as “Body Do,” “Fallin 4 U” and “Looze U.” The tracklist also shows that in addition to Breezy, the album has big-name features from Missy Elliott (on “Told Ya”) and Future (on “Cheatback”).

Attention-grabbing titles and superstar features aside, the song title that probably best encapsulates the entire album is “Heart On My Sleeve.” The 24-year-old chanteuse and empath explained who she was inspired to make the album for in a note posted to social media along with the cover art featuring her dressed in a vintage white gown holding her heart in her hand while her chest glows red.

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“IN PIECES is for the ones who behind closed doors are breaking and don’t know how much more they can take,” she wrote. “IN PIECES is for the ones who hold the people up around them while barely holding up themselves. IN PIECES is for the people who continue to get stabbed in the back, heart broken by the ones they thought they could trust, but STILL that doesn’t change their heart and how they love. IN PIECES is for the ones like me, who wear their outer shell so well that you’d have no idea what they’re going through. i hope this project brings healing to those who listen, as it’s been completely therapeutic for me and i can’t wait to share my heart with you, literally.”

Whew! It sounds like Chlöe Bailey has got a lot to get off of her chest on In Pieces and her fans are ready to receive it all. The album is currently available for pre-save/pre-order before its release next Friday. View the project’s back cover artwork and tracklist below and press play to hear a snippet of “Body Do,” which already sounds like a summer jam.

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For even more Chlöe, be sure to catch her as the pivotal character Marissa Jackson on the limited series Swarm created by Donald Glover and Janine Nabers airing now on Prime Video and on her first solo tour, The In Pieces Tour, starting in April.

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Chlöe In Pieces tracklist:

1. Someone’s Calling (Chlöe)
2. Pray It Away
3. Body Do
4. I Don’t Mind
5. Worried
6. Fallin 4 U
7. How Does It Feel feat. Chris Brown
8. Feel Me Cry
9. Make It Look Easy
10. Looze U
11. Told Ya feat. Missy Elliott
12. Cheatback feat. Future
13. Heart On My Sleeve
14. In Pieces

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