Chlöe Wants To Know What That ‘Body Do’

Photo Credit: Julian Dakdouk

We’re just a week out from hearing what Chlöe has to say with her solo debut In Pieces. We’ve heard a lot from the singer about the project and gotten some listens with singles “Pray It Away” and “How Does It Feel.” Both of those singles showcased her vocal range, but some might be wondering where the bops are. The songstress has you covered in that arena, as well, as she drops off her latest single “Body Do.”

“Body Do” finds Chlöe going back to the uptempo sound that made her bangers like “Have Mercy” and “Treat Me” resonate. She picks up the pace even more, with this one aimed at the dance floor like a targeted missile. She and track co-producer 2300 lace the beat with a booty-bouncing arrangement of drums and synths while looping in a vocal sample commanding the listener to “pop yo’ body like this” to the undeniable rhythm.

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Lyrically, the singer is still dealing with man trouble as she asks at the song’s start, “Do you ever wonder, like, who else is f**king your man?” She throws that care to the wind, however, as she’s only interested in the physical rather than her feelings this go ’round.

“You know I can’t trust you / As far as I can throw you / But I can trust what that body do / Yeah, I can trust what that body do,” she sings in a breath high register as the beat pounds against the speakers.

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Chlöe is no stranger to a banger, but this one has the potential to light the dance floor up all summer long if she plays her cards right. See what we mean when you listen to “Body Do” right here and then watch the Swarm star steam up the camera in the track’s visualizer.

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