Adi Oasis & Leven Kali Yearn To Get Closer With ‘Naked’

Photo Credit: Adi Oasis/YouTube

We’re almost at release day for Adi Oasis. The singer-songwriter formerly known as Adeline has been thrilling us over the past few months with a host of singles — including “Multiply,” “Adonis” and “Get It Got It” — in the lead-up to her official debut album Lotus Glow. But before she unleashes the goodness of that project on us, we get one last listen to the album with the release of “Naked,” her collaboration with fellow singer-songwriter Leven Kali.

“Naked” is a funky little exercise in getting closer than close as the talented twosome play up their undeniable chemistry. To achieve that, a wobbly bass line is laid down thick and heavy as the song’s anchor. From there, the two establish the melody with their own vocals, with Leven getting first dibs and Adi following soon after as they sing of getting close spiritually and physically. The true intention of the song is revealed on the chorus, however.

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“I wanna see you naked / I wanna meet the real you / Tell me how you feel, too,” they sing. “Wanna see you naked / If you wanna have a drink, too / Bring the champagne through / Wanna see you naked / Skin to skin until the sunrise, all night.”

The song’s visual picks up on the track’s ’70s vibes, with both artists dressed in their period best on a simple set as they employ some of the era’s best camera tricks. That includes superimposed images of themselves giving the affair a trippy feel along with a filter making the clip look like it’s taking place in 1977. The best parts, of course, are Adi and Leven themselves, who look to be having the time warp of their lives as they glide, groove and fall to the song.

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Lotus Glow drops tomorrow (March 3rd), but before you get the full album in your speakers, get your ’70s boogie on with Adi Oasis and Leven Kali by enjoying a quick listen and watch of “Naked” when you head below.

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