AAries Offer Us Something That’s ‘Meant’ To Be

Photo Credit: Stephanie Stalnaker

With spring around the corner, we seem to be entering a new season of musical returns. Quite a few folks have made their way back to our ears as of late. AAries actually jumped back in the mix last year when they released their single “Better Days.” Now the duo gives us another reminder of why we fell in love with them in the first place with their beautiful ballad “Meant.”

Twin sisters Ayana Hipps and Ayinke Hipps have an undeniable vocal chemistry and it’s quite obvious on “Meant.” The song is set adrift on dreamy guitar and keys, which are eventually joined by a simple drum rhythm on the track’s chorus. Meanwhile, the two flex their voices as they paint a picture of love that was meant to be.

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Ayana and Ayinke take turns on the verses as they sing of a love that transcends the understanding of others. This feeling is illustrated from the start, with romantic lyrics painting the scene: “Being with you is so surreal / I like the way you make me feel / Love overflows and never spills / It’s just enough to give me chills.” The chorus, on the other hand, keeps things decidedly simple, with the duo simply singing, “Baby it’s meant (meant) / Our love is meant (meant) / You know it’s meant.”

This lovely, romantic slice of soul has us feeling all kinds of nice. And, with AAries promising more new music on the horizon, we can’t help but hope that they give us more in the coming months. Take a listen to “Meant” when you press play below.

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