6LACK Shares His Conversation With The Man Upstairs On ‘Talkback’

Photo Credit: 6LACK/YouTube

We’re just a couple short weeks from getting newness from 6LACK. His upcoming album Since I Have A Lover promises to feature more of the singer/rapper’s unique musical worldview for his fans. We got a taste of that with the release of the album’s title track and lead single. Now we have another listen with the release of his newest single “Talkback.”

6LACK is in confessional mode on “Talkback,” but not in the way one would think. He’s not ’fessin’ up to any past sins. Instead, he’s talking about his successes and the life lessons he’s learned along the way to where he is now. The chorus, however, is where he shares whom he actually confides in while offering a bit of advice.

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“Ayy, I just spoke to God on the phone / That ain’t cap / He was there / Loud and clear,” he rap-sings. “I said, ‘What's up?’ / He talked back / Don’t let your enemies throw you off track.”

Helping him get all this out is a dynamic musical backdrop. It’s based around a looped guitar sample embellished by a few other elements and a thumping drum pattern. It gives everything a slightly somber feel, even with the more celebratory elements found in the lyrics. It does accomplish the goal of making the listener stop and listen to his message, however.

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With Since I Have A Lover’s March 24th release on the horizon, we expect that we’ll be hearing more as it nears closer. Before we think ahead to what’s next, though, take a listen to “Talkback” right here and then watch the worlds of 6LACK come to life in the song’s official lyric video below.

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