6LACK Has A Ride Or Die Type Of Love On ‘Fatal Attraction’

Photo Credit: 6LACK/Facebook

6LACK is in the home stretch before the release of his latest body of work Since I Have A Lover. Though the project was just announced at the top of this month, he’s wasted no time in giving his fans samples of what’s to come with singles like the title track and “Talkback.” Now, with the album’s arrival mere days away, he gives one final listen with the new single “Fatal Attraction.”

The song’s title might evoke the insane kind of love featured in the 1987 thriller of the same name, but that isn’t what 6LACK is getting at on this track. Rather, the singer/rapper speaks to the type of ride or die love that lasts until your dying breath. It’s all set adrift over moody piano and hi-hat ticks provided by producers Sir Dylan, FWDSLXSH and Khristopher Riddick-Tynes, who fashion the track into an unlikely ballad.

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6LACK does his part as well, with his verses describing his relationship and the things he and his girl have overcome and surpassed to be at the point they’re at now. It all culminates on the chorus, where he calls the relationship what it is.

“Fatal attraction, ah / I will ride for you, ride for you, ride for you / Die for you, die for you, die for you / Live for you, cry for you, slide with you, yeah,” he sings. “Make me never wanna leave ya / Fatal attraction, R.I.P.”

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“Fatal Attraction” isn’t the way that most would sing about an undying love, but it’s perhaps exactly why 6LACK and his unique perspective are so beloved by his fans. We’re sure even more love will be shown to the artist when Since I Have A Lover steps onto the scene this Friday (March 24th). Until then, get into a stream of the single and the song’s lyric video when you head below.

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