Zacari & Ab-Soul Reunite To Go Through The ‘Motions’

Photo Credit: Extraicey

You never know what people are going through. We often look at celebrities and others we’ve placed on pedestals as having it all together. However, if we listen closely, their humanness is revealed, and we see that they have at least some of the same struggles and insecurities as the rest of us. As artists have the luxury of channeling some of that weight into their craft, TDE’s Zacari shares this energy on his latest single “Motions.”

Zacari teams up with labelmate Ab-Soul to assure their fans that despite the challenges they’ve faced both publicly and personally, they remain resilient as they press their way through it all. Over the Esta-produced track, they declare, “I'm just goin’ through the motions / Liftin’ off the ground / Driftin’ like the cloud.”

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This latest offering marks the third collaboration between Zacari and Ab-Soul and follows “Do Better” from Soulo’s fifth studio album HERBERT, which dropped late last year. Though this most recent single was recorded back in 2016, its vibe is timeless, and the subject matter remains relevant even today. “So much has changed since then but this song still feels the same,” Zacari shared via social media.

For the accompanying visual, director Extraicey created a montage of new and old footage of the duo living life from the studio to the crib and everywhere in between. Viewers will also spot more than a few familiar faces, including the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff.  

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There’ll be more jams where this came from. Keep an eye out for a new full-length project from Zacari this year, which follows his 2021 EP Sol and 2019 debut Run Wild Run Free. Get into Zacari and Ab-Soul going through the “Motions” right here and bless your playlists on your preferred digital music platform.

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