Will Gittens No Longer Wants To Be The ‘Bigger Person’

Photo Credit: Will Gittens/Spotify

While everything and everyone doesn’t deserve your energy, constantly receiving the short end might result in a more defensive stance. For his latest single “Bigger Person,” Bounce-Worthy bae Will Gittens draws his proverbial line in the sand and declares war if anyone dares cross it.

Though the acoustic-laden track serves more contemplative than combative energy, Gittens pens lyrics that suggest he’s had enough. Drawing from his own experience, his tone is strong and defiant as he sings, “I know you used to think I was your doormat on the floor / I think you should die to who I was before / I’m not the bigger person no more.”

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This new offering follows the recent release of the music video for “Falling For You,” a single featured on his September 2022 EP Love Songs. The project also included Gittens’ sentimental single “A ‎Day With You,” originally released back in 2018, and showcased his talent deep in his R&B bag.

While “Bigger Person” is a bit of a departure from the audible love letters we’ve become accustomed to from Will, sometimes the game requires that that type of care is showered upon ourselves. Via press release he explains,‎ “I know the listener will see the title and think I’m going to encourage them to be the bigger person. But in fact, I’m telling them not to! Being the bigger person is exhausting, and many times gives the other person a false idea of who you are.”

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“This is empowering for anyone that is mistreated and disrespected,” he continues. “Make sure that you cut out people in your life that treat you like a ‘doormat.’ This song is going to be comforting for people that feel like they are currently being the bigger person in every relationship.”

If your love has lost its shine, and you can relate to Will Gittens’ decision to put himself first, listen to “Bigger Person” right here. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to show love and revisit his Love Songs EP and keep an eye out for more of his good R&B vibes. 

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