Tyla Has Her Mind Made Up In ‘Been Thinking’

Photo Credit: Garth von Glehn

The next international R&B pop star is going to be from South Africa if Tyla has her way. The singer-songwriter who hails from Johannesburg has her sights set on taking her music from SA to the world. She’s onto something with her sound, which is a fiery blend of R&B, pop and Amapiano, South Africa’s own house music hybrid. Since dropping her debut single “Getting Late” with Amapiano producer Kooldrink in 2019, the rising talent has made waves at home and abroad. She continues her quest for global domination with her latest single “Been Thinking” and in its splashy music video.

Tyla links with U.S. producers Tricky Stewart, Theron Thomas and Ph.D-Lovely for “Been Thinking” but nothing is lost in translation. The trio stays true to her South African roots and recreates her existing sound with their own flair. They lay down an uptempo rhythmic bed of percussion, bass and synths tailored for burning up the dance floor.

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That’s where we find Tyla who is focused on a man who has all her attention. He’s heavy on her mind 24/7, but when sees him in the crowded club, she’s ready to pounce. “Thinking out loud / Watching you in that crowd / Like how I’m gonna take your clothes off / Thinking right now / Are you single right now / If you not she gone have to share cause / All day all night / I been thinking bout ya,” she sings on the pre-chorus leading into the chorus.

Tyla keeps that same flirtatious energy in the high-energy “Been Thinking” visual that takes us from her bedroom to a night out with her girls. The sultry songbird serves up plenty of show-stopping looks whether she’s body rolling around her room solo or taking over the nightclub and leading everyone in Amapiano dance steps. Between her natural beauty, fly style and choreography, you’ll be hard-pressed to take your eyes off of Tyla for the duration of the clip.

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Signed to FAX Records/Epic Records, Tyla is an exciting talent poised to shake R&B and pop music up. She is ready for the world, and the world better be ready for her. Keep up with Tyla on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, but not before you listen to “Been Thinking” then watch the music video right here. Good luck sitting still when you do.

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