SZA Joins Lizzo On A ‘Special’ Remix

Photo Credit: SZA/Instagram | Lizzo/Instagram

Lizzo and SZA are two of the hardest-working Black women in R&B/pop music right now. Watching both of them rise individually has been incredible to witness, but these two solo superstars decided to unite their star power to shine even brighter. Lizzo invited SZA to be her guest on the remix of her latest anthem “Special” and the collaboration is a chef’s kiss.

Fans who were lucky enough to catch Lizzo on the final date of The Special Tour in Los Angeles at the Kia Forum were the first to see and hear this very special collab. After bringing out surprise guests Missy Elliott and Cardi B to perform with her on the songs “Tempo” and “Rumors” respectively, Lizzo shocked everyone in attendance when SZA joined her to sing “Special” live with the addition of a new second verse by the “Kill Bill” singer.

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The studio version of the “Special” remix flips what was heard during that live performance. Now, SZA’s verse kicks off the track, which otherwise retains the sound and feel of the original. “Woke up this mornin’ to somebody judgin’ me / No surprise they judgin’ me, don’t know who I’m ’sposed to be,” she sings. “I’m just actin’ up, I’m rash as f**k and never sayin’ sorry / Found out in the end that I can only do it for me.” SZA keeps it real as ever about gossip folks and not letting anyone’s words dictate how she feels about herself. She declares, “All I know is only God can judge me,” and that’s that on that!

SZA then joins Lizzo, who reprises her original second verse, throughout the remainder of the song on the chorus, interlude and bridge. The two singer’s voices play well off of each other, and, given the criticism and reckless comments that they’ve both endured in the public eye, this remix is for them as much as it is for us.

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For more SZA, look no further than the Billboard charts where her history-making album SOS continues to reign supreme, shattering records and all expectations. For more Lizzo, catch her across the pond on the European leg of The Special Tour right now. If you can’t swing concert or plane tickets, the next best thing is watching her special Lizzo: Live In Concert filmed during the aforementioned L.A. concert streaming now on HBO Max.

Listen to Lizzo and SZA transform “Special” into even more of an empowering feel-good anthem when you listen to the remix below.

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