Saint Harison & Tiana Major9 Are In Their Feelings After Smashing The ‘homies’

Photo Credit: Saint Harison/YouTube

Saint Harison invites Tiana Major9 over to sing and sulk around his apartment in the music video for their duet “homies.” The broken-hearted pair meet up to commiserate about their ill-fated attempts to get out of the friend zone and into the love zone after smashing the homies.

Teeeezy C is the director of this clip that’s set in a room decorated with metaphors. There’s the fireplace stacked with wood but no fire. There are three televisions turned on yet all broadcasting static. Then there is Saint who starts the video sitting alone on a leather loveseat, but there’s no love to be had as he sings of his regret about crossing the line.

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Tiana enters the picture for her verse, posted up against one of the room’s walls. She has regrets of her own as she walks over to where he is and they circle each other. The duo never physically interacts, but their voices surely do, soaring as they sing the chorus together for one last time. “All this confusion, illusion, assuming / Over and over again / Shoulda just stayed homies / Shoulda never let you, never let you in,” Saint and Tiana resolutely sing, their hard life lessons learned.

Make yourself at home, and let Saint Harison and Tiana Major9 serenade you with their sad song in the video for “homies” below.

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